Barre Bars

Today’s giveaway on Dance Advantage is a 12-pack of these cool and relatively new ‘real food bars’ by Barre .

I heard about these before and wanted to try them, but wasn’t really up to ordering them online or hunting them down in a store around me – I know, that screams “LAZY!” Actually, no, I do have my reasons…

However, I do want to try them if I ever get the chance! So maybe by winning this giveaway I might get to try them finally!

They sound good, and healthy. I’m definitely a proponent of eating actual food, but once in a while it’s satisfying to indulge in a treat like this. Even better is that the bars themselves are “made with whole food ingredients, contains no animal products and is free of common allergens such as soy and wheat. In addition to being vegan, Barre is also high in Omega-3s with balanced energy and no refined sugar. Its natural electrolyte replacement comes from the electrolytes, the sodium, potassium and other trace minerals, which are naturally present in many of the ingredients…”

I’m hungry now!


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