About Noa

Hello, my name is Noa! I am an 19 year old Vaganova-trained ballet dancer working hard toward making my dreams and goals a reality! I have many dreams and goals, but of most significance is my inextinguishable desire to become a professional ballerina.

I recently got accepted into the Perm State Ballet School! This is the school that was featured in documentaries such as Captive of Terpsichore and A Beautiful Tragedy, and is considered one of the top three ballet academies (along with the Vaganova Academy in St. Petersburg and the Moscow State Choreographic Academy/The Bolshoi Academy).

I am currently looking for sponsors who have an interest in helping me fund my training in Russia. It is a very big honor to be accepted and I would have to have to turn down the opportunity to live my dream! Interested persons can contact me at noa@erlitzki.com. Thank you!


4 thoughts on “About Noa

  1. You have the talent and the skills of a ballerina…. Keep going! I hope you reach your goals and be successful. ”

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