Do Not Get Nervous

Something my ballet teacher told me yesterday in rehearsal seems to have already made an impression on me and improved my dancing.

At the start of rehearsal, I told her I’m already getting nervous – not even for the competition, but just for rehearsal, for showing her how I do the variation.

She told me I must learn how not to be nervous. She said I am taking this all too seriously and putting too much significance on it (on every little thing).

How in the world do you learn to do that?!

And then I realized – I don’t need to do anything to learn how to do it; I just need to do it.

Do not get nervous. Do not allow yourself to be fearful. Do not question yourself or doubt your abilities. Do not make everything into a task which is so serious and significant that it becomes too meaningful and emotional.

Don’t think about how to do any of that. Just do it!


One thought on “Do Not Get Nervous

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