Keep it Simple! Promise Yourself You Will.

I had been struggling with my weight for a long time. Now, I’m losing weight; my weight will always be something I have to monitor, I’m one of those dancers that will always have to diet. And I’m ok with that. But I no longer consider it a struggle. I used to obsess about it, I would get so worried about it that it left me worse off than before – both emotionally as well as physically, because in retrospect, it’s clear that the more I obsessed about it, the heavier I got! Thankfully, I was able to solve this problem, and I am so much better off for it now! Now it’s easy to lose weight, and I have no lingering fear of gaining it back (and I used to always have this feeling of dread and it would be a self-fulfilling prophecy of sorts).

How did I solve my weight problems? I just made a PROMISE to myself to not eat myself up, to never give up just because things might not have gone perfectly, and to never, ever overeat – just out of principle.


I’ve had three rehearsals for Talisman so far and while I’m doing well, I find myself getting frustrated with myself for not doing well enough. I get so worked up about it, almost obsessed, and all the worry and doubt takes over and leaves me worse off and less able to improve and progress. Sound familiar? I’ve somehow found myself making the same mistakes in my approach to my training as I made in my approach to weight loss! This is a problem…and luckily, I know exactly how to solve it!

It is so simple! Actually, that’s the key – keep it simple, don’t over-analyze, don’t eat yourself up.

I will make a PROMISE to myself to do REALLY GREAT in rehearsal every time; to not eat myself up, ever; to not show my frustrations – or even better, to not let myself get frustrated in the first place, at all; to be confident and, if I don’t actually believe it now, to fake it ’till I make it; to not give any thought to what other people think, or fear that they may be judging me; to enjoy every minute of it like I know I truly do! And to keep making progress each day, each run-through, each time I execute a movement. I will make a vow to myself to never doubt myelf, never give up, and ALWAYS remember that I AM good, I CAN do this, and I WILL win and get to finals.

This is me, making that promist to myself. And you can bet I will keep it! When I make a promise, nothing can stop me from keeping it, I NEVER break a promise – ESPECIALLY not one that I’ve made to myself!

I am so happy I realized I can do this. Look! I have the POWER to make things better, the way I want them to be! I am not a victim to anything, it’s all in my power to change what needs to be changed, improve what must be improved, and to achieve what I long to achieve. I CAN DO IT! And now, I have to. Because now, it’s a promise. 🙂


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