Duty Calls

Duty calls! And by that I mean — the duty to put my health and well-being first and foremost before anything else; something that can be difficult to do when you are quite in the middle of living your dream and have other things that are more exciting and appealing to focus on. Alas, my health took a back-seat and soon enough, as these things always do, it caught up with me.

Today, at 18°C, it’s quite a bit more chilly outside than it was yesterday, which was considerably warm for the area this time of year; outside it’s gray and rainy, and we even had a tornado warning earlier this morning. I’m writing this from a Starbucks I quite like that is only several minutes away by car and also happens to be in close proximity to my gym. The cuffs of my pants are damp because I couldn’t be bothered to lift them up for the short walk from my car to the Starbucks, and I very well couldn’t tuck the bottoms in to my sneakers as I would have done were I wearing boots.

The quick thinkers among you might notice something curious about what I’ve just described. If I’ve left you scratching your head wondering what I’m getting at, let me assure you that you are completely justified in doing so! After all, in Perm, ‘warm’ for this time of year is considered -10°C, not 18°C; it doesn’t rain in January, it snows, and tornadoes in Perm are all but unheard of. There is no Starbucks in Perm (not-so-regrettable after all seeing as this allows for plenty of quaint, non-chain cafes with better coffee), nor would I drive to Starbucks had there been one, as I don’t own a car in Perm and would prefer to walk everywhere even if I did have one. And, if there were a Starbucks, it couldn’t possibly be in close proximity to my gym, because while there are gyms in Perm, the school rules forbid us from going. And finally, I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing sneakers or anything but warm, furry, thick boots — leaving the bottom of my pants tucked in and quite dry — to walk any distance as short as the distance from the car I don’t have in Perm to the Starbucks that doesn’t exist in Perm; or, for example, the measly-but-beastly 50 freezing meters between the dorms and the school one has the challenge of surviving several times a day in commuting back and forth for classes and meals!

So, yes, you are correct to assume I am not writing from Perm. I’m not sure whether this comes as a surprise to any of you or not, as I did hint in my last post that there were some things going on. Anyway, I am back home now. I got ill and was quite unwell, and had to come home in order to recover.

I’m not sure yet what this will entail for the future – right now I’m focusing on just getting better! I have many ideas as to what I want to do once I’m better, some relating to ballet and some not, but at the moment I really do not know where I want life to take me next. Among other things, I do hope that I can at least attend SIBA again this coming summer! I will talk about SIBA again in an upcoming post; currently it is what I am setting my sights on short-term because it’s giving me something really great to look forward to as I get better (and it truly is a wonderful program; I encourage everyone to check it out). I also hope you will all forgive me for taking so long to publish this post!


6 thoughts on “Duty Calls

  1. Wish you quick recovery! With or without Russian ballet in your future, I am sure you will do prefectly well with whatever it is that you decide to tackle with next:)
    Greetings from Bulgaria,

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