Hey Noa, I love your honesty, but a word of warning… Be careful on the internet. How would you feel if your classmates saw your comments about finding them distant etc? Or teachers, or potential employers? Perhaps some stuff should stay in a private journal rather than a public blog. I love reading your stories but feel a bit concerned you might be giving too much away sometimes.

Thank you for your concern, and I will take what you said into account, although can assure you I am very careful and particular with what I choose to share and what I choose to keep to my private journal (yes, I do have one). My classmates don’t know English, but even if they were to read what I wrote about them I would not feel as if I had done something wrong. I am being truthful. In my opinion, if someone doesn’t want to read something bad about themselves or hear something bad about themselves, then the best way to make sure that doesn’t happen is not to act badly in the first place. Otherwise, they kind of open themselves up for criticism and complaints! 


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