Hey :) I’m not sure exactly how old you are so forgive me if i’m wrong but I swear you said you were 19 before? Anyways my question is what you hope to do as in you’re currently at the school, and the what if that makes sense? I’ve always thought that if you want to be prof. you should be in a company your late teens/early twenties? What are you currently doing at the school- are you working towards exams etc? many thanks and I wish you the best of luck! sorry if my questions are weird haha <3

What I hope to do is join a theater and be a professional ballerina, which is the reason I am here 🙂

It’s probably most common to start working during late teens/early twenties but it’s not the case for everyone and certain people start working earlier or later. 

What am I working on currently? In the short term I am preparing for a Historical Dance exam in December, and then the rest of my exams at the end of the school year in June. It’s exciting, my class is already starting to pick out different fabrics and colors and styles for what we want our exam dress to look like! We will have them designed for us 🙂


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