I can’t respond to your arabesque story, so I do it here. 1/ The link of the photo doesn’t work for me. Maybe you can change it? 2/ Opening the hip does NOT prevent injuries, because it causes an ‘unwishable’ twist in the lower back. The spine can handle a bit of twisting, but there is also ‘too much’. The sooner the twist starts when raising the leg, the more twist there will be when the leg is high. The later the twist starts, when raising the leg, the better/saver it is for the spine.

Hello! I’ll check the link to the picture and see what I can do to fix it!

As far as what you wrote about opening the hip – yep, I agree 100%! Perhaps you misread what I wrote because you essentially said exactly what I had already written 😉

If I can get the picture to work for you, you will see that the twist you and I both agree is unfavorable is exemplified very clearly on the girl!


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