Sneak Peek at the Theater Tonight!!

Our school went to the theater today to see the general rehearsal of a new contemporary ballet production. The first act was the Kiev Modern Ballet on tour here doing a work called “Геревень”, and the second act was a new piece with the Perm Ballet Theater here; in both pieces the orchestra was composed not only of the musicians, but of the Perm Theater’s opera singers as well – they added some amazing vocal effects to the music and, of course, singing. It was quite an experience and what made it the most special was that only we, the students, were at the theater – because it doesn’t premier to the public until tomorrow! Oh, I also passed my teacher in the hall talking with Natalia Moiseeva…Prima Ballerina at the theater here…she’s also on the movie about my school…yeah…no big deal, right?!

I have some photos and videos but I haven’t checked to see if they’re any good yet. If they’re worth anything, you can bet I’ll be posting them this weekend 😉

I’ll be at the theater again this coming Wednesday for Don Quixote, and again on the 26th (two weeks from today) for Fountain of Bakhchisarai. I’m very excited! 


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