Hey, don’t worry if the other students seem distant etc. Your attitude is great: “I’m here to dance.” It’s not a Russian thing; everywhere you go, people will be distant from strangers, newcomers and foreigners. Also, this group have danced together for years and already made their group of friends. They don’t need you as much as you may need friendship. I don’t mean to sound harsh, but I know this may read as harsh. I hope you know what I mean! Sending you strength and ballet power! : )

No, it didn’t read as harsh at all, in fact it was very comforting to read! Thank you so much for giving me reinforcement that I’m approaching this the right way. You make some very good points that I didn’t even stop to think about. I’ve had a really rough few days and while it’s not primarily because of the girls, it certainly does sit on top of everything else and makes it easier to get lost in the stress; reading what you wrote just now was perfect timing because I’m feeling so much better this morning and really, really looking forward to succeeding here despite the obstacles! In fact, when I think about it, the obstacles are what makes it all worth it – it makes my success that much more pride-worthy when it happens. And I remember now that this is one of the reasons I wanted to take such a challenge. I want to accomplish something great! So I will go do that now! Thank you so much for lifting my mood, and of course also for the strength and ballet power you sent me! They came through to me safe and intact and ready to use 😉


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