What program did you use to learn Russian? I really want to learn. I’m using Pimsleur right now.

I didn’t actually use any program! Halfway through first semester, I made a deal with the Russian teacher that if I learned all the material for Russian 1 and passed a test, then she would allow me to skip that class and go into Russian 2 for second semester. So I got the textbook and workbooks and that’s what I did, I had a tutor, I studied by myself, passed the test, and took Russian 2 second semester. That’s all! Although I had taught myself to read Russian several years ago just because I wanted to, and that I just did by finding online resources, etc. And, now, I have Russian language classes at school here. 

I wanted to use Rosetta Stone or Pimsleur but they were too expensive!! How is Pimsleur, though? I still want to use one of them because I’m not satisfied with my level of Russian. 


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