“…we really repeat a movement or a combination over and over until it’s perfect before moving on to something more challenging.” But what if one student doesn’t get it perfect? Does she hold the complete class back?

Of course she doesn’t expect everyone to have it perfect the first day we try something – everything in ballet takes time to develop. Even if you’re given a correction and you’re brain understands it, it will take time before your muscles understand (and remember!) it. What I meant by this is more in terms of the general progression of the class over time. We don’t spend an entire class doing tendus at the barre because one person is not doing them perfectly; but we won’t, for example, be given a combination with a more difficult progression of a movement (on demi pointe, with higher legs/bigger movements, so on and so forth) until we’ve become comfortable with the movement in its simpler form and are doing it correctly. 

Maybe I’m not explaining this the right way…

To put it simply – in the Russian school, you won’t find a 13 year old being taught fouettes en pointe. 


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