what is your dress code at perm? like is there a specific leotard style or color? just wondering :) i bet youre having an amazing time– im incredibly jealous!!

The dress code depends on the grade level and also on the teacher’s preference. Generally, the lowest grades wear white leotards without tights, but with socks and shoes instead, and I’ve seen some of them wear white skirts as well but I’m not sure if that was for classical or for one of the other special subjects (historical, character…) The middle grades do wear tights but I think the leotard just depends on what the teacher tells you. Same with the upper grades. In my class, I have not been told of a specific dress code, and I’ve worn any color leotard, any sleeve type, and have had no problems with it. All the other girls in my class usually wear the same leotard but I think it’s because it was their exam leotard – to be honest, though, I have been trying to find out if I’m supposed to wear it too but I have thus far been unsuccessful in finding the answer to that question! All the girls usually wear warm up shorts, too, and I’ve worn a skirt without being told to take it off. The other teachers may have different requirements – I don’t know. But for exams, everyone in the class is dressed exactly the same, I think we will choose our outfit together; in fact, I think we might be designing our own leotard/skirt/dress combo! How cool is that!!


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