Sorry if I’m breaking some unwritten rule or if I’m being too forward. From what I know people always say that the ballet world in general and Russia specifically is very weight conscious. Have you found that to be true? Perm does after all have a rather fearsome, I suppose, reputation. What are your thoughts?

The ballet word is certainly weight conscious but I will always fail to understand why this continues to be such a topic of interest to people (in the sense that it is often talked about in a negative light, as if it is a taboo topic, or as if it surprises people). To answer your question about Russia in general, they are very strict about weight; however, I think they have less problems regarding it. I’m not sure what “fearsome reputation” Perm has (can you elaborate?), but about Perm specifically I can tell you that we get weighed every two weeks and we are expected to be certain weights. I will also say, however, that the staff is very reasonable and if someone needs to lose weight, they expect them to lose it safely and no faster than 0.5 kg per week. The school also has a dietitian who is available for consultation; one last thing that deserves mention is that the menu is posted in the cafeteria daily, complete with calorie counts. A full day of food, if someone were to eat every single dish offered, adds up to roughly 4,000 calories. This makes it easy to choose what to eat whether you need to lose weight, maintain it, gain it, etc. 

My thoughts? I prefer the way they do things over here in Russia. 


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