Perm preparations are underway! And an article about me in The Forward!

If you’ve been following my updates, you will know that the last month and a half of my life was filled with some very exciting, life-changing news; along with that news came the slightly intimidating task of figuring out how to actually make it happy in the very short time frame between my acceptance and the start of the school year!

Until early August, I was still out of the country and away from home, so while we were already trying to come up with a plan, the real preparations started about a week and a half ago when I returned home after my long summer abroad. Writing this makes me realize how much I actually got done already recently! It feels like I’ve been home much longer than a week, but I suppose that’s because I plunged headfirst into all the preparations, checking off items on my to-do list daily (although, mysteriously, it just keeps getting longer). I also came home one day before the new school year here started – and therefore, fall ballet classes. I have of course been taking classes every day and will continue to do so until I go to Perm. It’s going to be so difficult to say good bye to everyone, especially my teacher, at my last class here…

That said, I still don’t know when that last class will be! It all depends on when I leave, which depends on when I get my Russian visa, which depends on how quickly the consulate processes everything. That’s ok, though – with all the arrangements still left to take care of, I wouldn’t be ready to leave tomorrow even if I wanted to badly and had a visa that allowed me to do so! I do, however, know that I must be in Perm by September 15. It makes me a little sad that I will miss the ceremonies of the first day of school on September 1, but I’ve realize that there’s no point in letting what I can’t change get me down – and anyway, I plan on succeeding this year and making it into first course next year, in which case I will have three more years of September firsts to experience!

I suppose you can consider this my first official “Perm” update! I’m not sure how great the internet will be in Perm; in fact, the question of it’s actual availability has still gone somewhat unanswered. However, I will do my best to find enough good internet connection to stay in touch and post updates as regularly as possible! And, despite the lack of pictures recently, I have not forgotten how to take a photo…I have just been slightly busy with other stuff, haha. But I do intend to take many, many pictures of my life in Perm because it is something I want to document and share, so you can most certainly count on my future updates from Perm to have at least a few interesting pictures!

And finally, I’m excited to share with you all an article that was written about me by Lisa Trager in The Forward, a New-York based newspaper: First Israeli to Study in Russian Ballet Academy

Thank you Lisa!


One thought on “Perm preparations are underway! And an article about me in The Forward!

  1. So proud to watch these amazing efforts taking place. like a puzzle: pieces of dreams, aspirations, endless planning, errands, emotions, travel, classes, pain, joy…all come together…one great picture! Good luck, almost there!

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