Hi from Tel Aviv!

Hi all! 

I’ve been super busy, traveling to Israel, taking ballet classes, and spending time with family and friends. 

I also recently got some very good ballet-related news, but it’s still a secret for now! Once it’s for sure, you can bet I’ll make an announcement 😉

I’ve also been gathering quite the collection of pictures from my trip here, which I will share soon once my internet connection is better – at the moment, I think my laptop may explode if I try uploading all my photos now! 

I’m very excited because while my visit here in Israel has been amazing – and hot! – and I am enjoying [almost] every minute, on Friday I fly to Salzburg and for me that is the most exciting part of my summer!

Here in Israel, while I’ve had some ballet, it’s been hard to focus on it, so it’s really a pleasure to think about how in just a few days I can get back to my normal way of life – ballet 24/7! Haha!

Seriously, though – it’s been hard for me here without my regular ballet classes. I always take it for granted, but I don’t notice just how much ballet enriches my life when I am immersed in it until I’m not immersed in it. It’s been difficult, for sure. But I’m just happy that soon my life will go back to being what I like it to be. Vacation is fun, and family is good to see, but it’s very different, and as much as it is enjoyable, it is also stressful, and I must say I am very, very glad to be returning to something that more resembles normalcy for me. It’s good to get out of one’s comfort zone, but it’s also important to be comfortable 😉


2 thoughts on “Hi from Tel Aviv!

    • Hi Hayley,

      Bikurei Ha’Itim has many good open classes for all different types of levels (and not just ballet, or even dance for that matter, if you have interest in other types of classes as well). The facility is beautiful and big and the classes I took there we’re very good. I can only speak for the few classes I attended, but the atmosphere was very professional and the class was comprised of a range of ages and some variation in levels but everyone was hard-working and serious, all of which made for a very nice experience.

      The Israel Ballet sometimes has courses over the summer, but you will have to contact them directly to find out or look on their website, as I’m not sure about the details. Several years ago I did part of the summer program and thoroughly enjoyed it; I remember liking the teachers (guests from Russia) and the classes, so on and so forth.

      Finally, there are some smaller studios and schools, but it’s hard to find any information out on-line. You really have to be living there or have a contact in order to find out if anyone offers classes for your level that you could take.

      I studied this summer at Thelma Yellin in addition to the classes I took at Bikurei Ha’Itim, but I don’t think they actually offer any summer programs nor allow people outside of the school (it is an arts high school) to take classes; I was invited to join in their classes under special circumstances. I thought it was worth a mention nevertheless.

      Good luck! I am curious, are you asking this because you intend to go to Israel?

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