Go Pro Workouts – A Neat New Concept Worth Checking Out

I recently came across a neat new concept for workouts that I thought seemed interesting and worth sharing with all of you!

Go Pro Workouts, in their own words, “lets you access your favorite athlete’s real off-season workout program online…” 

Ok, why am I sharing this? Well, here is the neat thing: one of the athletes featured on the website is NBA dancer Morgan Laskey!

The other neat thing? I am excited to share a promo code with you that gives you 10% off the price of the workout! How much more fun can it get than supporting two dancers at the same time? 🙂

The promo code is: MLPRNOA1

Not only am I always in support of leading an active lifestyle and a firm advocate of being proactive in keeping oneself fit and healthy, but I always love seeing dance being featured in all kinds of areas outside of the theater – after all, the more exposure dance gets publicly, the more support for the arts we get in the theaters! And this in turn benefits the dance world in more ways than one, as I’m sure you can imagine.

Basically, the idea behind this program is to cater to the requirements of different people based on the sport they are involved in. Now, I emphasize that ballet is not a sport! But I will say that anyone who doubts the athleticism required for ballet has no idea just how physically demanding ballet is! I’m sure I don’t need to tell any of you this…

Morgan Laskey is, of course, not a ballet dancer. But any dancer’s methods of keeping fit are worth checking out, in my opinion! It’s no secret that we’re always trying to look our best and as thin as we can be – if you’re looking to refresh your workout routine or to lose some extra weight, you might consider giving this program a try! It is targeted toward dancers, after all. And please, if you do try it, don’t hesitate to share here what you thought about it!

Morgan Laskey, NBA Dancer

To read more about Morgan, visit her workout page here.

And don’t forget! At checkout, use the following promotion code to get 10% off your order: MLPRNOA1


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