An Unintentional Two-Week Hiatus

Wow! I sincerely apologize for this recent two-week gap between blog posts! My only excuse – albeit it being a very valid one – is that I was simply super busy! And that’s probably an understatement. 


Just some of the pointe shoes I had to sew this past week

A lot has happened over the last two weeks; I’ve started my new job, been trying to keep up with school work, added rehearsals, gotten my costume (and now need to fix it), added another variation to take to YAGP, sewn about 6 pairs of pointe shoes, and so on – yes, the list does go on, I just can’t even remember what else has been keeping me so busy! It’s been that crazy! 

And this particular blog post will also, unfortunately not be very substantial. I write this in a hurry rather early in the morning as I prepare to head out the door to teach a private lesson to three young girls, after which I have my own rehearsal for YAGP; and after that, I absolutely must finish a (somewhat intimidating) pile of schoolwork that’s been pushed over to the last minute!

I will share a quick update before wrapping up this quick post – and that is to say that I just recently found out I will be performing on February 17 as a guest artist with a local performing company. It is an annual concert, and I will be performing both of the variations I am taking to YAGP. This will give me a prized opportunity to get a feel for the variations on stage before bringing them to YAGP, and I am very excited to get to perform them any other time I can – every performance opportunity is valuable! 

Coming up in some later blog posts, which I do have planned (and will hopefully be able to post soon and with more frequency as I adjust to this hectic schedule of mine!):
-Ballerina Hacks: Vamp Tricks
-Operation: Enjoy Every Minute
-An upcoming photo shoot I have
-A post about my upcoming performance
-An inside look at my YAGP preparations
And so on! I do have some good things planned, so just bear with me while I look for time in which to put together these posts (for which I am very excited about!) 


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