Updates to my Blog!

Those of you who have been following my blog have probably noticed some changes around here lately!

The main changes I made are changing the background to make it ‘cleaner’, and adding several pages. While the home page of my blog is, obviously, a blog, I intend for this website as a whole to act as my entire website. Therefore, Noa Blogs Ballet is my combined blog and professional website – that is what the additional pages are for! Feel free to take a look around, but keep in mind that it’s all still a work in progress. The photo and video pages, for example, are under construction.

I would love to hear your input, and if you have any suggestions then, by all means, leave a comment and share them with me! I am still new to blogging and I am still learning the ropes of WordPress, so if you have any advice to offer, don’t hesitate to share, because it is much appreciated!

Also, if anyone who is familiar with WordPress knows how I can put several photo galleries onto one page, I would be ever-grateful if you could contact me to explain how to do this.

Thank you so much everybody!
Coming up tomorrow: my last post of 2011!

Don’t forget to vote for Noa Blogs Ballet in both the first poll and the orange poll (scroll down), which can both be found here.


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