NBB is a Top 20 Finalist! The Top Dance Blogs 2011 battle continues…

I am proud, excited, and delighted to announce that Noa Blogs Ballet has made it to the final round of TDB 2011 – and it is all thanks to you! This is most definitely a moment to celebrate – one of many to come, I am sure. Out of 32 blogs (hey, is anyone else thinking what I’m thinking? 32 dance blogs…32 fouettes…very cool coincidence!), Noa Blogs Ballet is one of the top 20!

Just as in the first round, my success in the final round is dependent upon you, my inspiring readers! However, unlike the first round, the final round requires that you vote rather than leave a comment. The polls are open until January 4, so get yourself, your friends, and your family to cast their vote by then! But first, a little explanation of how your votes translate into NBB’s standing in the contest.

From the first round of Top Dance Blogs 2011, the 20 blogs with the most comments qualified as finalists. One out of these 20 dance blogs will win as the Top Dance Blog of 2011, based on the vote tallies. As I announced above, Noa Blogs Ballet is one of these top 20!! Hooray!!!

In addition to the overall top 20, TDB 2011 has qualified the top three blogs in each category to win the title of Top Dance Blog in their own categories. As a Top 20 overall, Noa Blogs Ballet has also qualified for the category awards, under the category of “Dancer Musings”. All in all, Noa Blogs Ballet is eligible to win both the single overall Top Dance Blog 2011, as well as the Top Dance Blog under the ‘Dancer Musings’ category.

So! How can you help NBB win as the Top Dance Blog of 2011?

Head on over to Dance Advantage and cast your vote for Noa Blogs Ballet!

After you have voted for NBB under the Top 20 category, scroll down to vote for NBB in the ‘Dancer Musings’ category. Finally, if you wish to, you may go ahead and vote for your favorite blog under one of the other five category polls.

What a great start to a new blog! Thank you everyone for commenting and helping me get to the final round; I am counting on you to vote enthusiastically in the final round, now! And you can count on me to continue to develop this blog and let it flourish 😉

As a show of my appreciation to both my amazing readers that got me to the final round, as well as Dance Advantage for hosting this wonderful contest in the first place, I have drawn you all a picture!

Top Dance Blogs 2011 Top 20 Finalist!


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