Top Dance Blogs 2011 – 5 more days!

Dear readers, followers, first-time visitors, coincidental stumblers…

The time is ripe for a reminder about the impending deadline to leave a comment on my blog post! On December 20 (my birthday!), the wonderful people over at Dance Advantage will be tallying up all of the comments that each blog entered in the contest received. Those with the most comments will move on to the final round of the contest, which is the voting round.

So! We have 5 more days to help my blog become a finalist. If you have not yet left a comment, please do! And if you have, you can continue to help my ranking in this contest by sharing my original TDB 2011 blog post with your family, friends; by forwarding an email or by word of mouth; and on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Formspring, StumbleUpon, YouTube…you get the idea! The more comments I get, the closer I am to the final round, and the more opportunity this blog has to develop into something great. But I need your help to do it! So, post away! And remember, you must leave the comment on my original TDB 2011 blog post in order for it to count!

Finally, once again, a big thank you to all 67 of you who have already commented on my post!! Already, this contest has brought my blog to the attention of new readers and followers, and I could not be more happy with the response I have had so far. It means so much to me to write material that is good, informative, and relevant, and it is very exciting to read each comment that confirms that I am doing just that! In all honesty, it is much more important for me to use this as an opportunity to get my blog more exposure than it is to actually win. Of course that would be nice, but the greatest ‘prize’ of all is having the satisfaction that I am writing this to some audience, and not just to myself. So, thanks!

On an unrelated note, I am planning a Holiday Giveaway for my blog – this will be my first ever giveaway! Keep your eyes peeled for details, which I will post once the December 20 deadline for TDB 2011 comments has passed. Trust me, you will want to participate!

All the best,

(Don’t forget to leave a comment on my original TDB 2011 post!) 


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