Top Dance Blogs 2011

A few days ago I read about Dance Advantage’s 2nd annual Top Dance Blogs Competition, and I got so excited about it when I realized I would be able to participate now that I have my own blog! 

Ok, so I know I’ve only had this blog up and running for less than two weeks, but I figure — hey, all the more reason to enter! Besides being something fun to occupy myself with (not that I am lacking items on my to-do list…), it’s a great way for me to get more exposure and new readers. After all, everyone’s got to start somewhere, right?

My ranking in the contest depends on you! That’s right, it is up to you, my dear readers, to help me win this contest. How can you help me win? All you have to do is comment on this blog post (the one you’re reading now) to show your support for my blog! The 20 blogs with the most comments qualify to compete in the final [voting] round. However, even if this post does not get enough comments to qualify for the top 20 overall, I can still potentially win in my category. There are 8 categories – the blogs that receive the most comments within each category are eligible to compete for their classification (for the record, my blog category is “Dancer Musings.”)

I have until Tuesday, December 20 to get as many comments as humanly possible on this blog post! I’ll go ahead and also take this opportunity to mention that December 20 happens to be my birthday! What a nice birthday surprise it would be to find that I’ve qualified as a finalist…hehehe…

Anyway — comment away!! Not sure what to say in your comment? Feel free to share why you read my blog, what you like about my blog, any suggestions you have for future posts, any input about what you would like to see, which of my posts you have enjoyed most so far — or simply say “hi!” if that’s all you’re feeling up to! Bottom line – you can say whatever you wish in your comment – just please leave a comment! 🙂

Please share the link to this post [] with all of your friends, both online and in real life; tell your dance friends, your school friends, your family; ask your Twitter, Formspring, and Facebook followers and friends to comment!  It would mean so much to me if I could get more exposure and start to really build this blog and help it grow in the dance community.

For the complete contest rules, see Dance Advantage’s own blog post outlining the contest:

And one final note — a HUGE thank you in advance!! Starting this blog has proved to be so enriching thus far and I think it would not be as much fun if it weren’t for the overwhelming response I’ve had already from my readers, especially considering this blog is so new! So really, thank you all so much for the support!


74 thoughts on “Top Dance Blogs 2011

  1. best wishes Noa, we are so Patient less to find out how the dancer looks from the face side, promise you let us know when you win, as….. you deserve it

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  4. נועה יקרה,

    אם בגיל 18 את מתנסחת באופן כה רהוט ובנימה כה אישית, פתוחה וגלויה, מה יהיה כשבאמת תהיי כבר גדולה? ברכותיי על הבלוג האמיץ.

    שרון כץ

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